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Visitor Sign-In Procedures

The Bethel Park School District has a strong Safety and Crisis Plan in place, and each school has a specific critical incident plan, specific to the staff, the facility and the students in that school. Each school also has a safety and security team which reviews the plan periodically with our school district police and the BP Police Department. Our counselors, social workers and psychologists also have input into the plan. In addition, we conduct safety drills in collaboration with the BPPD, Fire Department and other community response teams.

In a recent review of our procedures, we have updated some of our practices. To protect our students and staff, we ask that all visitors use the following procedures upon entering our school:
  • Enter the school ONLY through the designated entry doors.
  • Ring the bell for admittance and respond to the personnel on duty.
  • Report directly to the front office upon entry.
  • Sign-in, present photo identification (e.g. driver’s license) and obtain a pass before visiting halls or classrooms.
If you or someone else is picking up your child from school, we require that you send a written notification to the school. The notice should state the name of the individual to whom your child should be released, the time of the release, a contact number for confirmation, and the signature of the parent or guardian. The designated person must then come to the school office, show ID and sign the child out of school before he/she will be released.

Thank you for abiding by these rules to keep all of our children as safe as possible.
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